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How to Add Games to RetroPie SD card


Before adding games on your Retropie system, you need two things: game files and RetroPie system.

Download ROMs

Network share

network shares are something you can use directly on any system. Here is how to do this:

  1. Raspberry Pi plugged into the network cable.
  2. Connect to the RetroPie.
    • On Windows, go to \\IP_ADDRESS.
    • On Mac OS X/macOS, open Finder, select "Go" menu and "Connect to Server". Type smb://IP_ADDRESS and hit "Connect". The default username and password is:
      Username: pi
      Password: raspberry
    • You can get the Retropie IP address in the Options > Retropie Tools > What is my ip? So, in your file explorer you’ll get something like that: ROMs need to go in the smb://IP_ADDRESS/roms/ folder. For example, SNES games would go in the smb://IP_ADDRESS/roms/SNES folder. Copy and paste your ROM file in this folder.

Now, you just need to restart EmulationStation to apply changes (Start > Quit > Restart EmulationStation).