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How To Use Xbox Wireless Controllers With Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial, we will provide you with some steps if you want to connect an Xbox Wireless USB controller on Raspberry Pi so that you can enjoy playing games with the Xbox Wireless controller.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug your Xbox wireless controller.
  2. Connecting your Raspberry Pi to the Internet, recommended to plug directly into the Ethernet cable. (Skip this step if your Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet)
  3. SSH into your Raspberry Pi, you can log in using the default username: “pi” and the default password: “raspberry”. Detailed introduction: How to SSH into Raspberry Pi.
  4. Clone the repository:

    git clone

  5. Install xone:

    cd xone && sudo ./ --release

  6. Download the firmware for the wireless dongle:

    sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y curl cabextract && sudo

  7. Plug in your Xbox wireless controller.
  8. For wireless pairing, the Xbox device must be paired with a wireless adapter. Instructions for pairing your devices can be found here.