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How to Use Rufus to Create a Bootable USB drive

  1. Navigate to the official Rufus website at
  2. Scroll to the “Downloads” section, and select the option to download the latest version of Rufus to your Windows-based computer.
  3. Double-click the executable to launch Rufus.
  4. Connect your USB drive to your computer, and choose it from Device.
  5. Click SELECT and choose the Windows ISO file from File Explorer.
  6. Under the “Image option” setting, select the “Standard Windows Installation” option.
  7. Under the “Partition scheme” section, select the MBR option.
  8. You can customize your volume label, advanced drive properties, and cluster size. This is optional.
  9. After everything is ready, click the START button. This process will take a few minutes.
  10. Once Rufus has finished creating the ISO image on the USB, you can close it and your bootable USB is ready to go.