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Raspberry Pi 4/400 Bootloader Firmware Recovery Guide

Using Raspberry Pi Imager to recovery the bootloader

Raspberry Pi Imager provides a GUI for updating the bootloader and selecting the boot mode.

  1. Download Raspberry Pi Imager and EEPROM Recovery image.
  2. Select a spare SD card (DO NOT choose pre-installed game card). The contents will get overwritten!
  3. Launch Raspberry Pi Imager.
  4. Select Use custom under Operating System.
  5. Select the previously downloaded EEPROM Recovery image.
  6. Select SD card and then Write.
  7. Boot the Raspberry Pi with the new image and wait for at least 10 seconds.
  8. The green activity LED will blink with a steady pattern and the HDMI display will be green on success.
  9. Power off the Raspberry Pi and remove the SD card.