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How to Backup or Recover Data from Crashed Windows?

When Windows system crashes it usually means your Windows files that are necessary to make Windows boot and function properly got corrupted or the partition of Windows Files System might have corrupted. All the important Windows files are located in C: drive. And also your library folders like Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and desktop folder location is C: drive. So it is necessary to backup all those files which you have saved on the above locations.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to backup or recover data from crashed Windows without much trouble.

  1. Create or order Windows PE bootable USB flash drive.
  2. Boot to Windows PE
    1. Insert USB flash drive to computer, remove all other drives, memory cards, printers etc.
    2. Power on or restart computer. When vendor logo appears on screen, press Boot Option Key repeatedly until Boot Option Menu appears.
  3. Back up data to another partition (such as D drive) or USB external hard drive.